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Welcome to My Prayers Heard

Who We Are

We are a powerful prayer team, consisting of prophets,  pastors, deacons, evangelists and laypersons. We come from various cultures and religious communities, but each of us accepts Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. We believe that God has unlimited power, that all things are possible and that through him the victory can be yours.

Each of us is a prayer warrior, specially anointed by God with a spiritual gift. When we gather to pray, we become a spiritual powerhouse filled with the Holy Spirit. Your prayer request releases this power, and our prayers become a supernatural force in the atmosphere connecting with the Holiness that is there. The spirit realm responds to us with messages, visions, scriptures and other directions that help us guide you along the correct path in the natural realm.

Our team is obedient to the word of God, passionate about the power of prayer, dedicated to helping others and devoted to this ministry. We believe in signs, wonders and miracles, and we welcome your prayer request because it opens the door to the spirit world where your answer awaits.

Together we will walk in God's blessings and favor.
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